Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After a busy weekend

It has been a very busy weekend. And today as I sit in front of my PC to post my thoughts, I would have expected them to just flow. But I am surprised at my own self. There are a lot of things that are on my mind right now and I would think I should be able to write about anyone of them. But when I tried putting them to words, I just drew a blank…

One thing that is weighing me down heavily is my elder ones’ absence. The entire family attended a wedding over the weekend…kids and all in tow. And we went in absolute luxury.Yash style! By which I mean a comfortable station wagon complete with two full blowing air-conditions. The venue was also a fancy banquet hall in a plush hotel in one of Vashi’s most happening sectors. The food too, was the kind he enjoys. None of us felt any stress or the kind of tiredness one feels after having traveled a distance of about 60 kms to and fro. And that too, on two consecutive days. In short, nothing to complain about.
But all said and done, had my Yash been there, he still would have found some thing to whine about. And that is what we missed the most. Yash’s whining…Which is what this post could be about….

We all unanimously missed Yash yesterday though each one had a different reason for it. Like my mom. She said she misses meeting his daily demands of fancy food. She misses making his favorite nimbupani. She misses his company, in general. Dolly, Yash’s masi, missed his mature talks and also, that he manages her little one the best. Bua, my elderly aunt and his friend missed their gossip sessions. Anushka and Aks, his siblings, may not understand but I am sure they missed his absolute attention and his constant, “don’t go there, don’t do this, just sit in one place” nagging. Sanjay and bhaisaab are not vocal about it but it is so obvious that they do miss his presence. It is the most visible in Sanjay’s eyes. And me…. I miss a lot about Yash. His constant bickering about something or the other; his tantrums on not being allowed access to the PC when he demands; his anguish when any new purchase is made which boils down to us not getting him a Play station; his distaste for home-cooked food and his love for pizzas and burgers; his resistance to everything in the first instance and then, compliance to the same. I miss all that about Yash that irritates me.

But what I also miss about my first born is his presence in the home. That he is just there, doing his own thing, pretty much keeping to himself. I miss having him around.

And though all of us have our reasons of missing Yash, the one thing we all agreed on was that, of all that we miss about him, we miss his bickering the most. That is what Yash is known to do the best. He just complains or whines or is just not happy or satisfied under the best of situations. It’s just his second nature.

My point here is that there is certain distinctness about each individual that we miss. It is that some uniqueness about each person. In Yash’s case, his “kudkud” that we are so used to.

And we all unanimously missed that kudkud………..


atlee said...

There was a quote put up in my living room.

"Children are a pain in the neck where they are around...
and a pain in the heart when they aren't"

neha2go said...

Atlee...you won't believe it...I still remember that qoute a lot of times from behind your bedroom door, when I miss home and I know how much mamma daddu must be missing me....I have to admit I didn't think of it while reading this one..Its indeed so apt... :)