Monday, May 12, 2008

What is the matter with me ????

What IS the matter with me? Why can't i bring myself to write? First the PC conked off. Then,when we got that started, the net crashed. And now,with both being rectified, I guess it is my turn. Or is it? I mean,the thought process is on fulltime, but something is amiss. I feel a sense of loss. Loss of thoughts. There is a lot of random thinking but nothing that i can actually gather. I don't even feel like lending words to my thoughts.Don't feel like socialising even cos' I honestly don't want to talk to people.I have stopped reading anything beyond the morning newspaper which is more like a habitual thing.

I am,with each passing day, becoming a recluse.


Sunny "who else" said...

I believe you have so much in you .. to offer .. that its becoming hard to sort it all out.

Guess when Yash wasn't around you had some time on hand but due to the computer problems could never get around writing anything. Plus now that the kids are enjoying their summer break you are not finding time for yourself.

And jiza I cant believe it for a second that you cant put thoughts to paper. You are the most articulate person i have ever known (did i use the word right ?)
i guess its just one of those days when one cant keep thoughts straight , when one is too pre-occupied with whats going on around them.

Jiza i think you should definitely get back to reading ,something i know you love. Time would be hard to come , but once the kids start going to school maybe you would find some time for yourself.

talk to you soon

neha2go said...

Hey jizu, waiting for the next blog...hope the holidays are going great so that you are nearing the school reopening, lets hope, as Sunny mentioned, you get some time and drive to put your thoughts down.