Friday, April 18, 2008

You don't have to be born from the same womb to be siblings

You know, you don’t have to be born from the same womb to be siblings.
Let me elaborate……

Yesterday I spent a very fulfilling day after quite a long time. And I owe it to ATUL.
From the moment he stepped into my little one’s classroom to catch up on his yearly progress, to treating me to delicious sea food and hearing me as I poured my hurting self out ; then keeping his patience as I window-shopped needlessly right up to packing me off home safely in the evening. And I will never forget that reassuring hug he gave me just before I stepped into the auto.

I have known Atul for almost a decade now. But my very distinct memory of him is about seven years back. My dad was hospitalized and I so much wanted to be by his side but was not being able to as obviously I could not have my little boy at the hospital for a considerable amount of time. I was left with no choice but to take my boy who had accompanied me to meet his grandpa, back home. Also, there was no way I would be able to visit papa the next day or the next as there wasn’t anybody to take care of my son. All the elders present too, suggested that I should just be in touch over the phone. This was tearing me apart but there was no alternative. And just as a duty bound mother was gaining an edge over a heart broken daughter, this lanky, shy guy who was a teenager himself, walked up to me and told me not to worry about my boy and that I should spend all my time with my dad. He put his arm around me and gave me a slight but a very reassuring hug and told me he would take care of my son. Something in this guy’s eyes told me to trust him unquestionably.

That was then and to date, Atul has always come thru’ for me and for my sons who adore him beyond words. He has always been there for me. He was there rock solid when the world collapsed for me n my kid-brother when we lost our dad. At that terrible time Atul,a kid himself then, was there for my kid-bro and for that I will always be indebted to him for the way he brought Sunny around. Of-course, it would be grossly unjust not to mention Neha at this point who was and is the pillar of this threesome. But this post is about Atul, so Neha; you will have to excuse me.
He was there holding me when my kid-brother grew out of his nest and left for the States to pursue certain dreams and fulfill some promises. I remember Atul’s arm around me as I sobbed away uncontrollably after bidding Sunny a brave good-bye. If anyone that day understood that it was a piece of me that was going away from me than it was Atul.

I do miss Sunny. I miss him a lot and god knows what I’d not give to have him here with me. But then, I’d also be lying if I didn’t come forth and say that Atul makes up almost completely for his absence. His reassuring hugs are always there, but they now also have another feel to it. That of a protector. Atul is always there. When I need him; and even when I don't :) My boys too,don’t miss their mama; they have him here, in Atul.

Sunny and I are siblings. By birth. We share the same parentage.
I don’t share any of that with Atul. That's why I said….
You don’t have to be born from the same womb to be siblings.


Sunny "who else" said...

You have brought tears in my eyes and i am sure Nikas as well.
I couldn't have put in words better, Atul is no doubt my bro and has always been there for me , just like nika has .

I am blessed to have such rockin friends. I still remember it was cricket, india vs bangladesh that i first met Atul and i guess we did hit off instantly . we did share our ups and downs, but sailed through the trouble waters as we had promised each other earlier.

He said he would be always there for me and i said the same, and both of us have stuck to our promise. I am really indebted to Atul in a big big way, some reasons being similar to what jiza you mentioned ... being there for you when i couldn't or watching Aks grow as i did Yash ,I did miss all the years when i should have been by you , but i am glad and thank god everyday that at least atul is there ....

Atul rock on, and Thanks for being there for me and jiza always. I am sure nika shares the same views as i do. You have and always will be my Bro no matter wat. we might not be related by blood but the relation we share is much more than that ...

Nika next post main aapke liye aachi aachi baatein likhoonga, after all you are worth it. And like Jiza and Atul have been instrumental in shaping me and in being with me in my lows and the very few highs. But like jiza said I dont want to steal Atul's thunder :)

atlee said...

luv u jij