Monday, May 18, 2009


India has made her choice. And she has chosen rightly.

The verdict is crystal clear. India does not need all those regressive and anti-development supporters of communalism. She does not need those who use God in the name of politics. She definitely does not need those who wear their religion on their sleeves and have no esteem for people who follow a different faith other than their own. We need young blood, new perspective and an optimistic approach. And we rightly need a genius like Dr.Manmohan Singh to bail us out of this difficult global-economic crisis.

We are a secular democracy and we have chosen to remain one.

Dr. Manmohan Singh rocks!
Rahul Gandhi rocks!
The Congress rocks!


atlee said...

I agree

Sunny "who else" said...

I am glad to have an educated person in power who has exoperience of both economics and finance. A stable government is a great plus, now only if we could rid of the criminals and corruption from politics I would be an extremely happy person

But i will take what has been offered this time ... I dont like extremists either